Das Team stellt seine derzeitigen Lieblingstonträger vor...

  Björn Zorn (bz) Playlist  06.2004   
Björn Zorn
  01. Michael Rother "Remember (The Great Adv.)"
02. Warren Suicide "Warren Suicide "
03. Air Liquide "Let Your Ears Be The Receiver"
04. Throbbing Gristle "Mutant TG "
05. Anthony Rother "Popkiller"
06. Felix Da Housecat "Devin Dazzle And The..."
07. Kraftwerk "Aerodynamik" (MCD)
08. Miss Kittin "I Com"
09. Northern Lite "Gone" (MCD)
10. Skinny Puppy "The Greater Wrong Of The Right"

  Achim Fischelmanns (af) Playlist  06.2004   
  01. The Cooper Temple Clause "Kick Up The Fire..."
02. The Notwist "Neon Golden"
03. The Divine Comedy "Absent Friends"
04. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand"
05. Tocotronic "Tocotronic"
06. Slut "Nothing Will Go Wrong"
07. Kent "Isola"
08. The Divine Comedy "Regeneration"
09. Eskobar "A Thousand Last Chances"
10. The Cooper Temple Clause "See This Through..."
Achim Fischelmanns

  Marcel Kochert (mk) Playlist  06.2004   
Marcel Kochert
  01. Radiohead "Hail To The Thief"
02. Lali Puna "Faking The Books"
03. Superpitcher "Here Comes Love"
04. Tocotronic "Tocotronic"
05. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand"
06. MIA. "Stille Post"
07. The Strokes "Room On Fire"
08. Das Bierbeben "No Future No Past"
09. Fehlfarben "Monarchie & Alltag"
10. The Velvet Underground "Loaded"

  Axel Nussbecker (an) Playlist  06.2004   
  01. Morrissey "You Are The Quarry"
02. Naked Lunch "Songs For The Exhausted"
03. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand"
04. Sophia "People Are Like Seasons"
05. Belle & Sebastian "Dear Catastrophe Waitress"
06. Fairlight Children "808 Bit"
07. Adam Green "Friends Of Mine"
08. Lali Puna "Faking The Books"
09. Beatsteaks "Smack Smash"
10. Air "Talkie Walkie"
Axel Nussbecker

  Stefanie Frey (sf) Playlist  06.2004   
Stefanie Frey
  01. Anti-Flag "The Terror State"
02. Die Ärzte "Geräusch"
03. Sportfreunde Stiller "Burli"
04. Beatsteaks "Smack Smash"
05. One Man And His Droid "Party People"
06. Marr "Express And Take Shape"
07. H-Blockx "No Excuses"
08. Descendents "Cool To Be You"
09. Limp Bizkit "Results May Vary"
10. The Offspring "Splinter"

  Dr. Jens Zemke (jz) Playlist  06.2004   
  01. Ain Soph "Rituals"
02. Wir sind Helden "Die Reklamation"
03. Kosheen "Kokopelli"
04. Ferris MC "Audiobiograhpie"
05. Troopers "Troopers"
06. Deftones "Deftones"
07. Limp Bizkit "Results May Vary"
08. Various Artists "Trance Arena 5"
09. Skinny Puppy "Too Dark Park"
10. Front 242 "Geography"
Jens Zemke