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Interessante Musikveröffentlichungen einmal genauer unter
die Lupe genommen.

4LYN "Take It As A Compliment" CD

Air Liquide "Let Your Ears Be The Receiver" CD

Alien Sex Fiend "Information Overload" CD

And One "Agressor" CD

Anne Clarke "Sleeper In Metropolis 3000" MCD

Die Ärzte "Dinge von denen" MCD

Die Ärzte "Geräusch" CD

Die Ärzte "Unrockbar" MCD/7" Vinyl

Autechre "Draft 7.30" CD

Das Bierbeben "No Future No Past" CD/2LP

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Take Them On, On Your Own" CD

Blumfeld "Jenseits von Jedem" CD

Blumfeld "Neuer Morgen" MCD

Chicks On Speed "99 Cents" CD

CKY "Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild" CD

Clan of Xymox "Farewell" CD

Client "Client" CD

Client "Here And Now" MCD/12" Vinyl

The Cramps "Fiends Of Dope Island" CD

Coldplay "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" CD

Common Dream "Gravity" CD

Cyclotimia "Trivial Pleasures" CD

Dakota Suite "This River Only Brings Poison" CD

Dave Clarke "Devil's Advocate" CD

Dawn Desireé "Dancing, Dreaming, Longing" CD

Decence "The First Step" CD

Decoded Feedback "Shockwave" CD

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft "Fünfzehn neue DAF Lieder" CD

The Divine Comedy "Absent Friends" CD

Dossche "Existenz" CD

Dossche feat. Steve Harley "Ich bin Gott" MCD

Dvar "Rakhilim" CD

Einstürzende Neubauten "Perpetuum Mobile" CD

Electronicat "21st Century Toy" CD

Elektrochemie LK "Come Right On Time" CD

Errorhead "Error Rhythm" CD

The Eternal Afflict "Godless" MCD

The Exploited "Fuck The System" CD

Fairlight Children "808 Bit" CD

Fantômas "Delirium Cordia" CD

Fearing Christmas "Turm schlägt Pferd, Schachmatt." CD

Ferris MC "Audiobiographie" CD

Fiel Garvie "Leave Me Out Of This" CD

Final Selection "Heading For Graceland" CD-EP

Front 242 "Still & Raw" CD-EP

Front Line Assembly "Civilisation" CD

Funhouse "Flames of Love" CD

Golden Boy with Miss Kittin "Autopilot" MCD

Grandchaos "La Forge" CD

Grundik + Slava "...For Electronics And Birds" CD

H-Blockx "No Excuses" CD

Håkan Lidbo "Clockwise RMXS" CD-EP

Hardclan "The Very Best Of" CD

Haus Arafna "Butterfly" CD/LP

Interlace "Under The Sky" CD

Ionic Vision "NeuMaschinen" CD

Kaycee "The Truth" MCD

KiEw "Diskette" CD-EP

Killing Joke "Killing Joke (2003)" CD

Klimek "Milk & Honey" CD

Kosheen "Kokopelli" CD

Krankheit der Jugend "-Ohne Titel- in Öl" CD

Lali Puna "Faking The Books" CD

LFO "Freak" MCD

Linkin Park "Live In Texas" DVD+CD

Marr "Express And Take Shape" CD

Martin L. Gore "Loverman EP²" DVD+CD

Massive Attack "100th Window" CD

The Meeting Places "Find Yourself Along The Way" CD

Ministry "Animositisomina" CD

Moby vs. Princess Superstar "Jam For The Ladies" MCD

Mogwai "Happy Songs For Happy People" CD

Monochrom #15-23: Zweite Ordnung muss sein BUCH

Monster Movie "Last Night Something Happened" CD

More Machine Than Man "Electrolust" CD

Morris "The Right Thing" CD

Mount Sims "Ultrasex" CD/2x 12" Vinyl

Neuroticfish "Need/It's Not Me" CD-EP

New Concept "The Outer Gates" CD

Northern Lite "Gone" MCD

Northern Lite "Reach The Sun" CD

Ohgr "Sunnypsyop" CD

OST/Various "Erbsen auf halb 6" CD

Peaches "Fatherfucker" CD

Placebo "Sleeping With Ghosts" CD

Plastikman "Closer" CD/3x LP

Praga Khan "Freakazoidz" CD

Pride And Fall "Nephesh" CD

The Raveonettes "Chain Gang Of Love" CD

The Raveonettes "Whip It On" CD-EP

S.V.D "Hope" CD

Sami Koivikko "Salmiakki" CD/2x LP

Schiller "Leben" CD

Schock "Glamour" CD

SDP "Räuberpistolen" CD

Second "Pose" CD

Sieg Über Die Sonne "+1" CD

Snog "Beyond The Valley Of The Proles" CD/2x12" Vinyl

The Soil Bleeds Black "Mirror Of The Middle Ages" CD

Stin Scatzor "Industrogression" CD

The Strokes "12:51" MCD

Sugababes "Three" CD

Suicide Commando "Face Of Death" 2x MCD/MCD

Superpitcher "Here Comes Love" CD

System Of A Down "Steal This Album!" CD

T.Raumschmiere "Radio Blackout" CD

Telemen "God Is A Computer" CD

Throbbing Gristle "Mutant TG" CD/2x 12" Vinyl

Tobias Schmidt "Hooray For Everything" CD

Ultra "Stain" CD

Umbra Et Imago "The Early Years" CD

Unkle "Never, Never, Land" CD

Velvet Acid Christ "Hex Angel (Utopia - Dystopia)" CD

Velvet Acid Christ "Pretty Toy" MCD

Various "Aktion Mekanik" CD

Various "Benicassim 2003" 4x CD

Various "Electrocity XIII" CD

Various "Neo.Pop 04/Compiled By Northern Lite" CD

Wolfsheim "Find You're Gone/Find You're Here" MCD